God Mazinger Sub English

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TITLE JAP: God Mazinger

YEARS: 1984

TAGS: Action, Fantasy, Mecha


FANSUB: AnimeShinigami

PLOT: Hino Yamato, a normal Japanese school student, is transported to a magical world to defend it. Unbeknownst to him, he is the only person that can bring the lands stone god, Mazinger, to life. He does, and becomes the lands only hope against the evil ruler Dorado and his henchmen. 













Episode 01 Sub Eng: The resurrection of the legendary giant God

Episode 02 Sub Eng: The destiny of the chosen one

Episode 03 Sub Eng: The mystery of light Hadorishi Mono

Episode 04 Sub Eng: The secret of the God Mazinger

Episode 05 Sub Eng: Prince Erudo's surprise attack

Episode 06 Sub Eng: Save Aira

Episode 07 Sub Eng: The Mazinger has disappeared

Episode 08 Sub Eng: Quickly, warrior Yamato

Episode 09 Sub Eng: The dinosaur factory was discovered

Episode 10 Sub Eng: The terrible secret

Episode 11 Sub Eng: Aira has been captured

Episode 12 Sub Eng: Stolen clues

Episode 13 Sub Eng: The Mazinger is in danger

Episode 14 Sub Eng: Fear of light Hadorishi Mono

Episode 15 Sub Eng: The wandering people of Mu

Episode 16 Sub Eng: The end of Muraji

Episode 17 Sub Eng: The secret base of Erudo

Episode 18 Sub Eng: The incredible underwater space

Episode 19 Sub Eng:  Exploration at the bottom of the lake

Episode 20 Sub Eng: Dorado's wrath

Episode 21 Sub Eng: Yamato Vs Dorado

Episode 22 Sub Eng: Yamato is dead

Episode 23 Sub Eng: Yamato Vs Erudo

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